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Storytellers and Strategists

10X10 Studios

We are a collection of artists, technicians, and strategists with a passion for storytelling who believe that beautiful visuals should be in the service of a strong strategy.

10X10 Studios was founded in 2011 by Executive Producer and Director Carlos Bido. We specialize in producing commercials, branded content, docu-series, and corporate videos from concept through post-production.

The films we produce for our clients position and promote their brands, drive sales, increase online engagement and train and motivate staff.

Our team creates visually stunning, emotionally compelling, intellectually engaging videos that capture the hearts and minds of your target audience. With skills in storyboarding, filming, sound recording, editing, post-production, animation & motion graphics. We’re a one-stop shop.

Whether you’re a start-up or international firm, 10X10 Studios is a partner you can trust for your video production needs.

Video production company based in New York City

We are 10X10 Studios LLC, a video production company based in New York City that produces smart and creative content for organizations, companies, and brands nationwide. Our team helps clients that are looking to use high-quality videos as solutions to their marketing and communication goals. We get you know you. We get to know your audience. The results are films that inform, persuade, and delight, but most importantly, get results.

Founder and capitán - Carlos Bido

A filmmaker by trade, a marketer in practice. Carlos Bido is the owner/operator of 10X10 Studios. He founded the company with a belief that producing the best results for clients meant creating stunning images that support a clear and definable goal.

What Clients Think of Us

What We Believe In


Trust is invaluable.  We try to achive it by peeling back the curtains on how we accomplish what we set out to do.  There's a little magic in our work, but it's mostly research, hardwork and dedication to the best possible outcome.


Working with us should be easy and frictionless.  Even the best laid-out plans need room for some improvisation.  Business is conducted human-to-human. 


"In business, I have a simple but powerful believe:  Our client's success is our success.  If your goals would be better served by a different or more affordable solution"

- Carlos Bido

Our Production Studio

Studio X – Port Moriss is the production home of 10X10 Studios.  It boasts an 18′ wide by 16′ deep Cyclorama with generous 13′ tall ceilings.  It’s western facing windows let in natural light throughout the year creating a perfect environment for headshots, portraits, e-commerce, fashion, beauty, and product demos.

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