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  • Are you struggling to connect with Patients?
  • Tired of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work?

Most people have a hard time telling a good product or service apart from an inferior one. Healthcare providers know that patients are the ones who suffer when they make the wrong choice. Spare them the serious consequences.

We make videos that make it easy for them to see why you’re obviously the best provider.

Share your story, show your expertise, get more bookings, with videos that inform, persuade, and delight. Let us help you stand out.

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Get videos for internal communications, ads, social media, and content marketing.

Build trust

Battle disinformation. A good content marketing strategy establishes a care provider as a reliable, authoritative source.

Encourage healthy living

Preventative care beyond the office. Connect with patients in a meaningful way when they may only see them for annual visits.

Tell your story

Say it in your own words. Influence the way others see you. Improve or repair your reputation.

Attract new patients

Use informative videos that help new patients discover your practice. Make them feel confident in your service. Increase bookings.

Bring us on as a partner to create your next:

  • About Us Video
  • Provider Profile
  • Video Press-Release
  • Recruitment and Outreach
  • Youtube Channel Development
  • Patient Testimonial
  • 360 Virtual Tour
  • Training Videos
  • Product Demo and Explainers
  • Spanish Language Videos
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Use YouTube to reach new patients.

Create a space for conversation

Let patients know that you are comfortable discussing the information that they are seeking. Share meaningful, insight-rich content that is open for commenting. We can help you develop a YouTube Channel to reach patients that are already looking for you.

Connect with the Hispanic community.

Produce Videos in Spanish

Reach an international and domestic Spanish speaking audience. Hispanics are one of the largest consumers of digital media and content compared to the average American viewer.

Healthcare equipment video production

Explain the benefits of Medical Equipment.

Empower your sales team

Comprehensive and cost-effective, we’ll help you introduce your product the right way—so you can get it into the hands of as many people as possible and start changing lives.

Train and Educate your workforce.

Gain consistency and minimize errors

Your team will transform into professionals that are consistent in their methods, allowing you to save your business from costly mistakes. Eliminate any ambiguity and allow your team to work with clarity by teaching them the best practices to adopt.

Immersive 360 Films

Invite them to visit you from the comfort of their homes

A VR experience can showcase a location like a hospital’s operating room or the chair of a dentist’s office. It can add pizazz to a training session or how-to video. Through an immersive virtual reality experience, audiences watch your message directly and intimately, free of distractions.

Excite with dramatic storytelling.

Getting started is easy:

Strategy - Video Marketing

01. Schedule a Call

Book a free discovery call. In 20 minutes we’ll chat about your goals and the obstacles you're trying to overcome.

Preproduction - Video Production Process

02. A Custom Strategy

We provide you with a clear roadmap on how video will help you reach your goals.

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03. Execution

We produce videos that move your audience into action. Then we put them in front of the right viewers with done-for-you distribution.

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How we work.

Our workflow mechanism is highly streamlined to ensure that every aspect of the process is simplified for you. We put in the time to clearly understand your requirements and gain insight into your services areas and what sets you apart from the rest.

Thanks to years of experience, we have a detailed insight into the workings of the healthcare industry. That allows us to have a clear understanding of the requirements of your corporate video and the elements to include to convey a clear message

The breakdown of the project is done in these simple phases.

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Understanding & Discovery.

Understanding your requirements is extremely important to give us the right information to create the perfect video. We put in the time to gain detailed insights into the workings of your company and gain an understanding of how everything works. This is done by sharing the requirements specification documents and formally defining the project scope. Once the understanding and discovery are formally complete, we move forward to the documentation phase of the project.


The documentation process of the project is often referred to as the pre-production phase of the project as well. The phase focuses upon the formalization of initial documents and drawing up of initial drafts to bounce around key concepts and establish the process of arranging the right
talent and professionals to put everything together and get things started of the ground. The documentation process allows accurate quotes to be shared along with the completion of a production agreement to formalize the initiation of the project. One the right documentation is
concluded, the project moves onto the pre-production phase once the initial payments are settled.

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The Pre-Production phase is carried forward keeping into consideration your preferences and priorities. Having a clear understanding of the requirements from the format documents, we ensure that all the right talent and professionals are available on time to work on your projects and an action plan is started. The phase includes the development of creative ideas and contents as well as the management of key staff, production logistics and other resources mandatory to move forward the initial product. Once the resources and locations are finalized, we move forward to the vetting of the staff to get the right professions on board for the project with the right professional history to positively contribute to the project. Pre-production is definitely the most important aspect of the project as it allows the production phase to move forward smoothly.


The production phase contains the capturing of the content and footages required to add to the video. This included video footage as well as high-quality images, interviews, vocal input and other key elements from the project that are mandatory for the proper conclusion of the project. We ensure that every aspect of the project is compliant with applicable local laws and guidelines to have the most impact. It is important to ensure that the story is captured the right way to convey the messages and the services properly. A core element of the whole process is the culmination of the shooting in the right areas to have the most impact.

Post Production.

The Post-production process is definitely the most time consuming as it includes all the steps required to shape up the perfect video for your company. This includes the selection of music to match the tone of the video and the mixing of the sounds perfect with the designed content.

Every aspect of the content included is formally licensed for commercial use along with your input for detailed iterations and revisions. We ensure that appropriate time is included to get your feedback on the created content that is convenient for you as well. Once the final approval is given for the video, we ensure that videos are optimized for publishing on key-platforms with 60-second edits and professional content outlooks to conclude a seamless experience.

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