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According to recent studies conducted by some of the biggest academic institutes in the world, Hispanics are rapidly growing to become the faster growing ethnic groups within the U.S. By the year 2020, it is projected that Hispanics would be up to 53% of the overall US population. This reflects a major demographic that is central to the progress of the U.S. To market properly to the right customer segment, it is important to consider the language and traditions of the target customer group.

Hispanic Consumers buying power: $1.5 Trillion

A growing demographic.

Statistics are a great way to have a deeper insight into core behaviors. An outlook into statistics reveals essential aspects of Hispanic consumer behavior. In terms of early market adoption, Hispanics are some of the earliest adopters of new technologies and innovation. This is directly related to the fact that Hispanics are one of the largest consumers of digital media and content compared to the average American viewer.

Maximizing Customer Interaction.

In today’s digital world, it is essential to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings to ensure that your brand has a finger on the pulse of the modern economy. It is important to utilize digital media resources to effectively keep up with competition and cultivate a following of loyal fans. Targeting social media allows you to effectively benefit from the larger consumer group in the United States with an extensively growing reach. We help bridge the cultural gap by transforming your message to resonate with Hispanic audiences. 

Why Video Marketing?

Even though pictures can be stunning to look at, there is nothing that compares with the impactful ability of digital media in inducing emotions and conveying key information. Human beings are largely visual creatures. Motivated by quirks and feels instead of the conventionally imagined renditions of how things should be.

Video marketing allows you to tap into the visual aspect of your customer’s brain while maximizing the rememberability factor of the approach. Videos can be a great tool to effectively convey tons of information concisely. By pairing up creative digital video styles with mesmerizing local art, you can deliver that an authentic message that hits right at the heart of people.

Hispanics as a group are extremely tech and media savvy. Just take a look at how they use YouTube for a glimpse at what an opportunity you could tap into.

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"Carlos was easy-going during the video shoot. He made me feel comfortable and listened to my concerns. Carlos made the video shoot experience non-intimidating and pleasant."

— Helen Ceballo-Hernandez, MA, LLPC

Picking 10X10 Studios as your Hispanic Marketing Partner

A filmmaker by trade, a marketer in practice. Carlos Bido is the owner/operator of 10X10 Studios. As a son of a Dominican immigrant, he understands firsthand the tremendous potential and opportunity there is to be had by reaching Hispanic households in the US. Clients work directly with him to plan, film, and deploy video marketing campaigns.

¡Se Habla Español!

One of the core traits of modern Hispanic behavior is the ability to shift between English and Spanish languages with mutual understanding and a shared culture. With an extensive history of working with some of the biggest companies in the Spanish media, we are well-equipped to create the right content based on the inclinations of Hispanic customers.

Spanish Video Production

10X10 Studios has a proven history of working with some of the most esteemed companies in the Hispanic world. We proved our mettle by creating impactful digital content that has managed to makes waves by resonating with the core ideals of Hispanic culture and inclinations.

With the ever-changing landscape of today’s modern world. It is essential to hold multiculturalism as a core global value because of the increasing need for global penetration. The biggest key to any culture is always through the language. 10X10 Studios has the right experience and expertise in ensuring perfectly crafted multilingual content that manages to resonate with target audiences thanks to memorable cultural references and perfect linguistic understanding. Our extensive coverage ensures that every aspect of your Hispanic outreach is efficiently dealt with.

A bulk of our digital media content has been created in Spanish. We have worked with some of the top global companies to supplement their Spanish media requirements in the fields of Videography and beyond. We also offer foreign language translation services to allow you to convert creative ideas into digital marketing campaigns to make them timeless beyond age.

Here are some of our core coverage areas.

  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Explainer Videos
  • 360 Films
  • Corporate Videos

Thanks to our unconditional commitment to quality, we have managed to work with some of the most esteemed companies in the world to assist them in the creation of Spanish digital media content. A core focus of our digital approach is to ensure that your creative approach is perfectly conveyed to native Hispanic audiences while retaining the artistic spirit of the ideas.

For our brand partners, we have managed to collaborate to create socially refreshing digital constructs that have actively pushed forward the boundaries of multilingual digital marketing. However, at the center of the development experience is undying respect of Hispanic cultures and traditions to effectively communicate them through digital media creation.

Aside from upholding the highest standard of quality, we also extend our focus in making sure that your content is handled by a massive pool of talented native writers that can tap into emotions and settings by utilizing the charm of the Spanish language. We are extremely proud of the strides we make towards diversifying our core working team and maximizing the talent pool for our tasks. Our team has managed to actively come up with mesmerizing levels of productivity by working on creator endeavors as a labor of love and passion. 

Say ¡Hola!

Our clients are a diverse user group with variable needs. The extent and scale of our project range from simple small-business projects to gigantic corporate ones. We can cover all of your native Spanish content requirements by supplementing some of the most talented set of individuals and creating the most awe-inspiring creative content.

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