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A carefully-crafted brand film is the calling card you need to attract customers and raise sales.

What you do matters. How you tell people about it matters too.

We plan, shoot, and edit brand videos that amplify your message and cut through the noise.

Let us help you tell your corporate story so you can connect with your audience at a deeper level.

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Your Manifesto, on film

Distilling your brand.

Communicating your brand’s entire mission and impact in a single piece of content may seem impossible. Maybe your first instinct is to highlight what you do and how you do it.

But before you address the what or how, your audience wants to know why. And that’s the question we’ll help you answer.

In a short, 90-second to two-minute video, we’ll communicate the why behind your organization, helping you stand out in your industry and connect with new audiences.

If you need to refresh your brand, clarify your mission, or raise awareness and support, a brand anthem is a perfect opportunity to do so.

Partner with us to create content that resonates on a deep emotional level, telling the world why you do what you do, why your work matters, and why you’re worth supporting.

Our process for creating a brand film.

We’re easy to work with and dedicated to getting you results. From kickoff to final delivery, we include you in the creative process, combining our in-depth expertise of video production and branding with your intimate knowledge of your organization.

01. Discovery

We want to understand your brand inside and out so we can authentically communicate your values. That might involve interviewing stakeholders, employees, and customers, touring your locations, and speaking with you and your team.

02. Treatment

Once we’ve learned as much as we can about your organization, we’ll create a treatment—a unique approach to telling your story designed to yield the highest impact. We’ll speak with you about the best way to visually communicate your core message, making sure you’re fully on board before we continue.

03. Production

From logistics to post-production, you can leave the entire filmmaking process to us. Based in New York City, we work with industry contacts across the U.S. and foreign markets to create films that combine photojournalism, portraiture, and dramatization.

Case Study: Fashion that empowers women.

Client need:

Jeanette Limas is a brand and fashion designer based in New York City.  She needed a video that showcased her work and what she believed in:  Empowering women.

What we discovered:

Jeanette immigrated from the Dominican Republic to pursue her career and had an emerging brand tailored to successful women.  She had an incredible drive and unparalleled dedication to quality.

What we did:

Inspired by her personal sacrifice and dedication, we filmed her at work, sometimes lonely and isolating, and combined a personal interview with images of movement, journey, and empowerment.  When you wear Jeanette Limas, you are not only wearing beautiful clothing, you are wearing artwork that caries a story.

Case Study: Classroom Documentary

Client need:

Wa-Shokuiku combines the Japanese words “Washoku (和食)” which refers to Japanese food and, “Shokuiku (食育)”, food education. Table for Two wanted to bring viewers into the classroom to show their impact.

What we did:

We spent time in the various classrooms with New York City public school students as they took hands-on classes on Japanese food and food culture.  The result was a short documentary-style film that captured the true essence of the program.


Carlos made an amazing video that was key for our non-profit organization's funding pitch. When we used his video to show our work and achievements to potential donors, the reaction was a universal: "Wow!" (and a lot of support for our efforts). The video was the most powerful way to communicate and show our impact. Carlos' design process was impressive and strategic. As our project unfolded, he determined and adjusted to our audience, incorporated the messages we wanted to deliver and helped us visualize the impact we wanted to achieve with the video. He shared drafts during his editing, integrated our feedback and was fully communicative with our entire team during each step of the way.

MAYUMI UEJIMA-CARR President - Tabel for Two USA /

Case Study: Mindfulness

Client need:

Littler Flower Yoga wanted to ask, what is mindfulness?

What we did:

A simple question asked from different perspectives.


We have worked with Carlos on two different projects - one video project and one still photography for a published card deck - and both times his work was exceptional. His team was professional and easy to work with, Carlos himself was super responsive and contributed creatively to the work in ways that went above and beyond the job description. He made our models - mostly kids - feel super comfortable and helped them enjoy the experience. I couldn't recommend him more highly and we're looking forward to doing more with him.

Jennifer Cohen Harper - Founder of Little Flower Yoga, and The School Yoga Project

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A visually compelling, emotionally moving brand video can:

Raise awareness. A powerful, easily shareable film will reach a wider audience.

Build trust and loyalty. A message that inspires will cause others to rally behind your vision.

Increase support and funding. Share the why, and your sponsors will provide the how.

Tell the world why what you do matters.

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