Product Video production

  • Get high-quality videos to position your product as a premium offering.
  • Increase sales by highlighting features and benefits
  • Teach customers how to use your product with demo videos.

When shopping online, most people have a hard time telling a good product apart from an inferior one.

We help brands and retailers of all sizes make their eCommerce listings standout with high-quality product videos and demos that increase add-to-cart rates.

Our videos make it obvious to customers that your product is the right choice.

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Get product videos for eCommerce, social media, and crowdfunding campaigns.

Increase sales

Customers are more likely to buy online after watching videos.

Get more from your ad spend

Video ads yield higher click-through rates and ad-to-cart rates.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace

Visually position your product as a premium offering with high-quality videos that yield results.

Show your product in action

Highlight features and benefits with use cases and lifestyle videos.

eCommerce Product Videos

Create desire.

Tell a story

A good product video invites shoppers to imagine how your product would make their lives better. Share details on features and benefits with product videos on eCommerce websites. We take your story and transform it through the lens.

High-quality and attention to details are important.

Lighting is key

The easiest way to stand out on any eCommerce platform, be it Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or Shopify, is to film and photograph your products with lighting that flatters the item and creates emotion and desire. We create stunning visuals for you in our studio or at your location.

Show social proof.

Endorsements Help

Are your product’s claims backed by experts and governing bodies? Our client used an endorsement from a respected doctor to support the benefits of their skincare product. The video and photographs we created for them were used on and Target Retail product pages to increase conversions.

Social Media Product Videos

Scroll Stopping Videos.

Use eye-catching gifs

Boring content just won’t do on Instagram or Facebook. You need to catch the user’s attention and eye-catching gifs are a great way to get your product noticed. We can create a library of content for your social media channels so you never run out of things to post.

Work with influencers.

Built-in audience

Collaborating with influencers is a great way to tap into a captured audience. We make it easy to work with talent by planning, filming, and editing content that they would be thrilled to share with their followers.

Social Media Influencer Shoots Beauty Product Campaign

Crowdfunding Campaign Product Videos

Crush your campaign goals.

Show your product in action

Blow past your own expectations. We worked with Hooke Audio to remotely film use-case scenes for their Kickstarter Campaign Video.  Their campaign went on to be funded by over 50X their original goal!

Diversity and inclusion

Reflect your audience

We live in a multicultural world and your customers come from diverse backgrounds. We can help you feature talent from almost any background. 10X10 Studios is based in New York City where we have access to a deep talent pool of professionals for your next product video.

Use New York City as the stage to your next product video

Getting started is easy:

Strategy - Video Marketing

01. Schedule a Call

Book a free discovery call. In 20 minutes we’ll chat about your goals and the obstacles you're trying to overcome.

Preproduction - Video Production Process

02. A Custom Strategy

We provide you with a clear roadmap on how video will help you reach your goals.

Video Production Company Icon

03. Execution

We produce videos that move your audience into action. Then we put them in front of the right viewers with done-for-you distribution.

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A simple strategy for success:

Working with us is easy—and effective. We start with the end in mind, developing a strategy that’s results-driven from day one. Then we apply our experience and creativity to bring you original, compelling content aimed at converting.

01. Discovery

First, we want to meet you and your product. On a free discovery call, we’ll discuss all the details of your brand, your product, and your upcoming launch. We want to understand your product inside and out so we can really sell it.

02. Script and Storyboard

Next, we’ll put our creative minds to work. Relying on our experience in niche markets, we’ll develop a powerful brand strategy for your product launch. Then we’ll create a concept, script, and storyboard for your videos.

03. Pre-production

From logistics to casting, booking a crew, renting equipment, and pinning down locations for filming, there are so many moving parts in the pre-production process. And you can leave them all to us. Based in New York City, we work with industry contacts across the U.S. to produce compelling content.

04. Production

After pre-production, it’s time to start filming. Using highly advanced lighting and equipment, we control every minor detail to craft videos and photographs that look and feel like a masterpiece, showing off all the highlights of your product

05. Post-production

At the end of the process, we’ll deliver the content into your hands and advise you on the best way to share it. Our videos and photographs are perfect for product pages and social media platforms, helping you spread the word to as many people as possible.

06. Distribution

We partner with select brands that need to put their product in front of potential customers. Take advantage of our expertise across multiple platforms: Organic, Social, and paid media.


I’ve been working exclusively with Carlos of 10x10 Studios for my product photography needs for ten years now. His dedication to the craft is legible in aspect of his business and his attention to detail is exceptional - - there’s no overstating how critical this is in today’s world of retail where nearly everything is sold online and photographs, not a shopkeeper, are often the first to greet a prospective client. He welcomes his client’s input and is quick to understand and respond to their needs, facilitated by a state-of-the-art studio space that’s super-accessible. My only reservation in writing this review is that it may ultimately contribute to longer wait times for an appointment! A+

Dina Alfano - Satyricon

Launch your product with an experienced partner.

Partner with us for product launch or social media campaign content that’s…

Full-service. Get videos and photographs in one place. 

Specialized. Our strategies build on years of visual branding.  

Cost-effective. We deliver high-end content that fits within your budget.

Introduce your product with a splash.

Contact us now to schedule a free discovery call.

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