Freelance videographers with experience you can trust.

We have over 10 years of experience specializing in corporate videography for organizations that need to capture high-quality content and want a partner they can rely on.

Our clients have important team members, case studies, or content experts in New York City that they need to share with the world. Whether in healthcare or financial services, they trust us to capture what they need and feel safe that their sensitive information is handled with care.


Corporate Events


Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Recent work.

Popular ready-to-shoot videography packages.

In-Studio Shoot

2-hour shoot hosted in our studio
  • Convinience - Perfect for a quick interview or testimonial
  • 1 Camera 4K or higher production camera, base audio kit, studio lighting
  • Live Monitoring View a direct camera feed

Single Camera Content Crew

Capable and nimble 2-person team
  • Value - The most affordable way to get high-quality interviews and b-roll at the satellite office
  • 1 Camera - 4K or higher production camera, base audio kit, base lighting kit
  • Live Monitoring - View a direct camera feed

Executive Interview Crew

An experience appropriate for leadership
  • 2 Camera Kit, including interrotron or teleprompter, premium lighting kit
  • MUA, DP, Camera Op, Sound mixer
  • Remote Monitoring, on-location, and over the web client monitoring

We provide a vetted video production crew...

Our crew is hand-picked for every shoot from our extensive network of reliable members of the community we've built over 10 years of business. We are not a staffing agency. Why deal with the hassle of searching through reels after reels looking for the right photographer or videographer? We are available on-demand.

...and all the gear to make you look and sound great.

When you work with us, you are working with some of the city's best talent. We are your production experts with specialties in: Interview Recording.Drone videography and photography.360-videos and photos.Behind-the-scenes video and photo.Product photo and video.

Why hire us?

Our clients hire us for a variety of productions. From events, interviews, and case studies. Get started today, we are ready to help. Our number one priority is on helping you achieve your production objectives.

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