360 Video Production

360 VR films are the latest word in visual storytelling. Through an immersive virtual reality experience, audiences watch your message directly and intimately, free of distractions.

A VR experience can showcase a location like a college campus or workplace. It can add pizazz to a training session or how-to video. Best of all, it sparks conversation.

When you only have a few minutes to engage, one immersive visual experience is better than 1000 words.

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VR Videos for events

Give people something to talk about

Simply showing up to events is no longer enough. If your approach is conventional, predictable, or forgettable, audiences won’t give you a second glance.

You need something that sets you apart from the crowd, something that draws attention right away and makes people flock to your table or panel—something people will keep talking about for days, and maybe even weeks, to come.

How do you do that?

By creating a one-of-a-kind immersive storytelling experience.

Showcase your location, product, or company culture with a VR Film.

360 videos for social media

You don’t need a headset

Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Wistia all support native 360 videos that can be viewed on a desktop computer or right on your phone. 360 video can also be used for traditional video production for special effects and give different perspectives.

Case Study: Personae II - Art Exhibit Making-of Film

How we produce 360 VR videos

01. Discovery

Before we can tell your story, we want to hear it from you. On a free discovery call, we’ll discuss all the details of your organization, the challenges you face, and the things you hope to accomplish. If you want your film to showcase a facility or campus, we may ask for a tour so we can familiarize ourselves with the place. Then we’ll discuss the best way to share your story.

02. Production

We use high-end cameras to capture 360 views in stereoscopic vision. This creates a truly immersive experience, giving viewers the illusion of inhabiting your story or being inside your facility. After filming, we’ll edit the footage, adding graphics, voiceovers, and a score for a smooth, multisensory experience.

03. Delivery

You can distribute the videos online or get a ready-to-use, pre-loaded headsets complete with your 360 immersive experience. All you have to do is bring the headsets to your event—and get ready to drive engagement with your brand.

360 videos make you feel like you’re there

Capture their attention with an original VR 360 video experience.

Contact us now for a free discovery call to see what’s possible.

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