Simplify complex ideas.

Explainer videos: The perfect elevator pitch, every time.

Ever have trouble communicating your product or service? Having a hard time explaining how you’re different?

We create custom animated and live-action explainer videos that create aha moments that stick.

Turn concepts and complex ideas into something easy to understand. No more boring presentations.

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Make the perfect pitch

Animated Explainer Videos

Share BIG ideas

Businesses that solve complex problems need a way to explain their complex solutions in a simple and understandable way. Animated explainer videos are the easiest way to share BIG ideas in a budget-friendly way.

Live-Action Explainer Videos

Add a human element

Cartoon characters are not always appropriate for the subject matter, especially if you’re in a serious industry like finance or healthcare.

Our videos are designed to help you connect better with your prospects by using real-life actors.  Adding a human element to your explainer videos will really make your videos stand out.

Getting started is easy:

Strategy - Video Marketing

01. Schedule a Call

Book a free discovery call. In 20 minutes we’ll chat about your goals and the obstacles you're trying to overcome.

Preproduction - Video Production Process

02. A Custom Strategy

We provide you with a clear roadmap on how video will help you reach your goals.

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03. Execution

We produce videos that move your audience into action. Then we put them in front of the right viewers with done-for-you distribution.

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A human approach to a true and tried style.

We bring explainer videos to life
Helping you communicate complex concepts and ideas quickly and easily through simple to understand explainer videos.

Customer attention is at a premium with flooded inboxes and tones of product advertisements flying their way each day. How do you stand out? How do you produce marketing content that is not only educational and impactful but memorable, content that tells a good story quickly and simply, content that engages your busy audience for a few precious seconds, content so effective that it moves them to engage with your brand in less than two minutes.

We have mastered the art of helping businesses like yours produce fun and engaging content that is simple and relatable through a new style of explainer videos.

What is an explainer video?
An explainer video is a short video that is the fastest and most engaging way for any business to quickly share their story.

A good explainer video typically runs for less than two minutes and helps your business authentically demonstrate your products and services. For increased authenticity, we ditched the typical animated cartoon characters used in ordinary explainer video and replaced them with real people, professional actors who your audience will easily relate to.

Our goal is simple… to consistently deliver eye catching unforgettable explainer videos that convert your prospects into buying customers.

Would an explainer video work for your business?
Explainer videos work for a variety of businesses with products and services that can be easily demonstrated and explained on video. Our expert team of producers and actors create world class explainer videos that help your customers quickly understand how your products and services work, the problem you solve and how they can benefit from using your amazing products and services.

We can help you simplify complex ideas
Explainer videos are widely used and have been proven to be very effective. Trusted institutions such as government agencies, health agencies, financial institutions and large multinational household brands all use explainer videos as a go to medium to visually demonstrate and explain complex ideas and new product offerings.

Our explainer videos are strategically produced with an emphasis on nurturing your leads and helping you convert these leads into paying customers by clearly answering and dealing with all common customer objections and concerns. Videos are very search engine friendly and they enjoy a long shelf life.

How we make explainer videos
Discovery call – this is where we get to know you and understand your products and services, your specific market niche and your target audience for your proposed explainer video. This stage typically takes 2 hours via video conference or in person at our New York City office.
Script and Storyboard – we leverage our combined years of experience in scripting compelling stories and work with you create a strong and unique concept that will underpin your explainer video. The final output is a storyboard that is shared with you for your review and approval.
Casting – Our studio is based in New York City and we have access to a very strong and diverse talent pool of professional actors. Most projects require two actors and one voiceover artist.
Production – Filming mostly takes place at our studio location in New York City.
Post-production and Delivery – Enjoy world class post-production with fast turnaround times to help you get your message to market quicker.

Point of difference:
The Human element
The human element in our explainer videos is what will make your videos standout and convert better. Most explainer videos out in the market are fully animated with cartoon characters. Our videos however, are designed to help you connect better with your prospects by using real life actors. Everything is filmed on an all-white backdrop with a final output that is interwoven with professional motion graphics to communicate your ideas and concepts.

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If you would like to learn more about how we can work together on your next product launch or upcoming marketing campaign, please email us at or call us on 1-334-333-1199, we would love to hear from you!

How we make explainer videos:

Give your customers clarity.

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