Record Your Success

You’ve achieved amazing classroom results and want these spectacular outcomes recorded as proof of your students’ dedicated work and personal growth, while also demonstrating how your innovative ideas have resulted in significant change. By filming your students and your classroom, other educators can now observe and understand your pioneering work as a model they can also use to benefit their students.

We create short, impactful videos about students who are learning through nontraditional methods that invent, expand and transform the capacity of educational methods, achieving accelerated results while inspiring students to explore and realize their profound potential…a potential you’ve awakened with your imagination and persistence.

Inspire Confidence

Get Visual Evidence

By hiring our full-service education video services, you can have complete confidence and our guarantee that your message will be communicated in the most unique and convincing way possible. We’ll record your successful work on time and in budget, fully aligned with the vision you desire.

Working with us is a collaborative project because we first seek to understand your students’ accomplishments, and discuss the best possible way to provide visual evidence of what you, your students, and your program have achieved. Once we understand the content, meaning and value of your success, we will deliver a visual story you’ll be excited to share.

Your video will come alive and clearly highlight the key points of your professional activities and achievements through our expert camera work, animation, graphics, music, and sound effects, and you’ll have an outstanding video that exceeds your expectations.

Inspire Action

Examples of how to use videos to reach Educators and decision-makers

Classroom Documentary

Wa-Shokuiku combines the Japanese words “Washoku (和食)” which refers to Japanese food and, “Shokuiku (食育)”, food education. It is a series of hands-on classes on Japanese food and food culture.  This short classroom documentary follows a New York City public school classroom as they go through the program.

School District Communication

The Blind Brook-Rye School District in Westchester county New York turned to video when they needed to make the case to the community to raise school tax bills for a major renovation to it’s elementary school and the construction of a new fab lab at their high school.  The referendum on the ballot was overwhelmingly approved.

Branded Content

Let’s be honest.  Teachers don’t go into teaching for the money.  They do it to make a difference.  We created the Be That Teacher campaign for the NASA Endavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project which aims to Integrate STEM content and pedagogy into PK-12 classrooms.  To show the relevancy of science educators, we created a short profile video of a STEM professional whose life was changed by her high school science teacher.

Professional Development

We helped CE Credits Online and Little Flower Yoga when they teamed up to create several profesional development courses including:

A Mindful Pedagogy: Strategies for Creating Compassionate and Purposeful Learning Spaces

Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practice to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Achievement

Special Event Coverage

Generation Code has a mission to transform students into digital leaders using curriculum co-created by educators and coders. We joined them for a 3d printing workshop at the Children’s Museum Of Manhattan

Are you ready to bring your audience into the classroom?

An authentic, visually compelling classroom documentary can:

Raise awareness. A powerful, easily shareable film will reach a wider audience.

Increase support and funding. Never struggle again to explain the importance of your work.

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