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Use Video SEO to raise awareness and drive traffic.

Organic reach on most platforms is a thing of the past.  Paid media reigns because it’s cost effective and provides real resluts.  If you’re looking to improve on those resluts, then inbound marketing via Video SEO is strategy you should consider.  But what exactly is video SEO and is it too late to start a video SEO campaign in 2020?

Try to remember the last time you went a full day without using a search engine. You can’t? That’s because we rely so heavily on the internet to find fixes to everyday needs and problems. Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine where audiences go to learn or be entertained.  So it provides your company an opportunity to provide value to prospects before they even become customers.  With Video SEO, you can present yourself as the most credible, capable and relevant solution to their problems.

As long as there are search engines there will be need for SEO.  Is Video SEO right for your business?  We can help you dertermine the best approach.

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Video SEO in 2020

Starting out with Video SEO

A successful Video SEO campaign needs to clearly identify a target audience and deliver true value to the viewers.  It should consider where the audience is in the buyer’s journey, and provide the information they need to help them make the best decision.

Keyword research provides essential insights into the topics your audience is interested in.  These insights are necessary for creating a strategic content plan.  They also give an overview of the competetive landscape.  There are may be opportunites to be found, even in 2020.

You could discover that there are keywords with high search volume but no videos that satisfy the search intent.  Or perhaps the content available is low quality or out of date.

Keyword Research

You can begin your research by using the autocomplete feature of the Youtube search bar.  Start by typing-in the keywords you’d like to rank for and see what turns up.  For a deeper dive, we recomend installing the VidIQ plugin for Chrome.  It’s free to use, but their paid subscription provides a powerful keyword tool:  Keyword Search Volume.  What good is it to rank number one for a search term no one is actually looking for?

Once you’ve found topics you believe you are in a position to offer expert advise on, consider if you can create at least 20 pieces of content.  Why so many?  A one-off video that satisfies a search query is great but it’s a missed opportunity to build a relationship with the viewer.  Providing them with a playlist of related topics adds tremendous value to them and solidifies your authority.  At the end of the day, a key goal for any Video SEO campaign is to build trust and inspire action.

Competetive Landscape

Even when there is competition, there are ways to rank high in the Youtube serp.  Consider a longtail approach by creating content for a local or niche market.  Or get super techinical about the service or product you offer.

For the most competive topics, developing and publishing a weekly show that educates AND entertains your audience might be the solution you are looking for.

In that case, consider our Youtube for business show development service.

Setting the right goals

Video SEO is not a stand-alone marketing strategy.  It works best as part of a larger plan.  So setting realistic goals and expectations is important for measuring its success.

The primary goal of a Video SEO campaign should be to raise awareness and nurture leads.

When considering the ROI on a Video SEO campaign, you must factor in the value the content produced for the campaign provides throughout your sales funnel.  Often content made specifically to satisfy a search query can be useful in the consideration stage of a funnel, when prospects are determining if you are the best solution for them.  Sending them a link to a how-to you’ve created for Youtube can be a determining factor in the sale.

If you need help determining how to start, or if your efforts have not yeilded the results you are looking for, schedule a free assesment today let us lend a hand.

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