The importance of an About Us video

An “About Us” video is a creative way to tell your story. Use it to explain to patients who you are and what you offer.

It’s never been easier to show your future patients exactly why your office is the right fit! With so many people using social media and streaming platforms, it’s almost silly not to have some video content showcasing your business. An “About Us” video is the short-and-sweet way to get your medical office or healthcare business in the spotlight.

The Blueprint of an Effective "About Us" Video for Healthcare Providers

What makes a video effective for grabbing the attention of future patients? The first thing to know is that an “About Us” video isn’t necessarily the same thing as a commercial. You’re creating a friendly “snapshot” of who you are instead of focusing on “closing” a sale. Simply put, an “About Us” video is an invitation to learn more!

Let’s talk about some specific elements of “About Us” videos that we’ve found to be very effective for generating positive feedback and engagement for our healthcare clients. You’ll discover that creating an “About Us” video doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge project if you bring someone in who knows how to tie together all the right elements. Here’s an overview of what works:

  • Crisp voice-over narration.
  • Gentle background music.
  • Text elements.
  • A statement of your mission in very simple and relatable terms.
  • Some brief facts about your history and origins.
  • An emphasis on the community/population you serve.
  • A list of the services you provide.
  • A list of the conditions you treat.
  • Office hours.
  • A call to action to book an appointment.

The goal is to showcase the welcoming, community-oriented face of your office. Of course, you’ll want to share details regarding the patients you serve without disclosing any specific patient information. Your “About Us” video is a tool for making it easy for patients to see themselves picking up the phone to reach out because they already know they’ll be greeted with a smiling voice!

The Right Visuals for an "About Us" Video

One of the best things you can do is showcase your office in your video. Shots of your office looking clean and inviting are extremely effective for creating interest. Patients will also be able to picture themselves walking into your facility and interacting with staff. What’s more, showing actual footage of staff members looking crisp and tidy as they wait to welcome patients inside your office is also very effective for creating a welcoming picture. We often find that our clients have success with videos that begin with outdoor shots of the office and surrounding community. This angle really drives home the point that you’re located within the community you serve!

Dentist office Video Production

A Simple Case Study

10×10 Studios has created “About Us” videos for clients across a variety of industries. Healthcare offices have been some of our favorite clients to work with along the way!  We partnered with our friends at D Video Post Production Studio to tackle the direction and production of a marketing video for Pound Ridge Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. You can view the video here. This video incorporates many of the elements we discussed above. You’ll notice exterior community shots, shots of the office, interior footage, staff footage and information regarding services and hours.

Create Your "About Us" Video With Help From 10x10 Studios

Do you want to make it easier for more patients to discover the dynamic service you provide in a comfortable, welcoming setting? Invite them in using a polished, high-quality “About Us” video. We’re happy to create what you’re looking for whether you need a video for a doctor’s office, dentist office, medical practice, care facility, nursing company or any other type of healthcare business. Contact us today!

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