Healthcare Providers Serving Hispanic Communities, Listen up!

If you’re a healthcare provider serving the Hispanic community, you may be basing your marketing approach on flat, outdated information. If this is the case, then you’re not attracting patients outside of your default marketing channels who might benefit from your services. The good news is that you can easily create a targeted, effective marketing strategy for connecting with Hispanic clientele based on relevant metrics. This means creating and delivering content that’s tailor-made to be dynamic for the spaces where Hispanic audiences consume messaging.

A Strategy Begins With Metrics: Quick Takes on the Hispanic Market

Before crafting a video-based marketing campaign, it’s crucial to understand how and where your Hispanic audience is consuming content and messaging. With nearly 59 million members, the Hispanic market is very diverse. However, we can use some metrics gathered by Google from all over the United States to get a grasp of average content-interaction trends:
When looking at the whole picture, marketers can presuppose that Hispanics appear to be adopting mobile technology at a much faster rate than the general population. This translates to both how they consume media and how they make decisions. With this information in mind, the goal for healthcare companies seeking to attract or better serve Hispanic clients then becomes delivering the right messaging.

The YouTube Factor: What We Know

One of the most promising pieces of news for medical practices looking to integrate video marketing into a cost-effective plan for attracting Hispanic clients is that buying ad space isn’t necessarily the only way to spread messaging through views. It turns out that 75 percent of

Hispanic content consumers turn to YouTube first when they want to learn more about a product or service through watching a video. For a healthcare provider looking to reach a wider audience, this means disseminating messaging without necessarily buying ad space. However, it also allows you to spend marketing dollars efficiently by uploading a promoted video to YouTube.

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Points for Multicultural Messaging: Lay Down the Welcome Mat

When serving Hispanic communities, the very first thing a healthcare provider must do is pull down any barriers to entry. For many Hispanics, trying to access care and advocate for themselves in a healthcare landscape that uses English as a primary source of communication can be challenging. This is one reason why focusing on Spanish-language marketing videos can be so effective for inspiring Hispanic clients to seek out care.

A Spanish-language marketing effort is bolstered by a practice’s efforts to make care more accessible to non-English speakers through bilingual signs and in-office language assistance. Even a non-promoted marketing video on a provider’s landing page can be an essential portal to awareness of services.

How to Create Messaging That Resonates

When using video to market to Hispanic communities, the concepts of building bridges and forming relationships are crucial. Messaging should provide information regarding the importance of specific healthcare services while emphasizing preparedness on the part of the provider to meet the needs of Hispanic clients. Here are some critical messaging points to hit:

  • Removing any fear of distrust that the audience may have regarding providers or services that may be perceived as inaccessible.
  • Emphasizing the positive role a healthcare provider can have.
  • Emphasizing a welcoming atmosphere where a family member who providers language interpretation and support for an older relative would be welcomed.
  • Tapping into an eagerness to utilize technology among the Hispanic population by highlining options for booking appointments online, texting the office or chatting with doctors via email.

Engagement Metrics: What Can You Expect in Terms of Engagement Once Your Healthcare Marketing Video Is Launched?

“Phase 1” of creating a dynamic, actionable marketing video for your healthcare company is focused on getting the right messaging. Once deployed, your video will then serve as a natural bridge for clients in the target market for your services. As covered earlier, about 75 percent of Hispanic content viewers on YouTube first look to online videos when they want to find information about a product or service. We also have some insights from Google regarding how Hispanic content viewers interact with content on the Internet. Based on analytical data, 83 percent of Hispanics who visit YouTube every month will:

  • Read or post comments.
  • Watch content that is similar or recommended.
  • Like, rate, or subscribe after watching content.

A higher-than-usual rate of digital usage combined with high rates of content interaction among Hispanic audiences is promising for healthcare companies that use video marketing as a strategy. User interaction boosts visibility across the board and among viewers with similar interests. For healthcare providers using YouTube and other video platforms to advertise their services, this is a real boon.

Final Thoughts on Using Video Marketing to Attract Hispanic Healthcare Clientele

It’s important to be realistic about the unique challenges presented when marketing healthcare services to Hispanics. According to the HHS, Hispanics have the highest uninsured rates of any racial or ethnic group in the United States. Just 49 percent of Hispanics currently have private insurance coverage. Factors like lack of access to preventative care and language barriers are among the biggest obstacles that prevent Hispanic patients from receiving consistent care. For this reason, access is one of the most important messaging elements that should be spotlighted in video marketing campaigns! Combining video marketing with a follow-up method like texting or email in Spanish is ideal for upping engagement.