Studio Lighting Workshop at 10X10 Studios

A lot of people believe good images are dependent on the camera and lenses they’re shooting on. While this certainly plays a part there are countless examples of beautiful imagery that was photographed with very simple and inexpensive tools, like the Shot on iPhone campaign. The thing that enables the Shot on iPhone campaign to have such striking imagery, is the photos that are selected all have one thing in common: They have great lighting.

So what I want to show you today is that if you’re shooting with a high-end cinema camera or just the phones in your pockets you can in fact create excellent images by utilizing even just a simple understanding of how light actually behaves and some basic lighting techniques.

A semester’s worth of lighting 101 compressed into one hour.

Gaffer Garland Berenzy runs through the basics to give you a practical and scientific foundation to start creating different looks with lighting.

This workshop was a collaboration with BxFilm48. We hosted their prize winners for a hands-on lighting workshop at 10X10 Studio’s production space in the Bronx, NY.

Originally live-streamed on 08/28/20