What is the Bronx Film 48?

The Bronx 48 Hour Film Challenge is an annual competition where filmmakers strive to make the best film in 48 hours. All works are filmed in The Bronx. Bronx Film 48, a filmmaking initiative co-founded by 4 Bronx based Latino filmmakers, (Greg Hernandez, Edwin Torres, Ayaris Perez and Christine Garmendiz) held a networking event for filmmakers of all levels to meet each other, industry experts and learn about their initiative at BX Start hosted by DreamYard.

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Press Release: Bronx Film Networking Event Aims To Connect Filmmakers With Each Other

Bronx, New York – Four Bronx Latino filmmakers Ayaris Perez, Christine Garmendiz, Edwin Torres and Greg Hernandez are the co-founders of “Bronx Film 48,” a filmmaking initiative with the mission to increase the number of filmmakers within the Bronx and connect them through networking events, screenings, workshops and an annual 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Now, in its second year of existence and first full year of operation, Bronx Film 48, seeks to be an initiative other young filmmakers of color look to for a safe space to meet, network and create. Bronx Film 48’s first program of the year is a networking event, geared toward filmmakers who need to increase their respective spheres of influence in order to produce films and other content. Many talented individuals in this borough may not be aware of each other. Through this networking event, Bronx Film 48 seeks to change that. Taking place Friday, March 6th at 6:30pm at 1017 Home Street, Bronx, NY 10459, the space of one of their community partners, DreamYard – BX Start, attendees can expect a full schedule. That night will feature a panel of industry experts and veteran filmmakers, a networking exercise, a showcase of one minute demo reels by fellow attending filmmakers and introductions to community partners including the founders of Bronx Film Initiative, Bronx Film Wednesdays, 21 Islands International Film Festival, Reel Deal Digital, and 10x10studios.

Why support the festival?

“I firmly believe it is imperative for creatives and filmmakers to be aware of individuals who understand their experiences on an intimate level. Specifically, for Bronx creatives and filmmakers to have the opportunity to meet someone like Carlos, who is one of their own, from the Bronx, and has reached certain milestones in his career. Providing the avenue for these types of interactions to occur is key to nurturing a community that continues to feel left behind. Carlos is a success story and it is crucial that Bronx residents who are interested in visual arts be aware of him, his story, and what he has to offer, for a multitude of reasons, but the two main ones are, inspiration and collaboration. Carlos, is proof that you can attain your dreams and manifest your ambitions.

As the co-founder of Bronx Film 48, a partnership with Carlos Bido, owner of 10×10 Studios, was a must. When searching for potential partners in the Bronx, there are certain necessities that come to mind. One, a partnership must be mutually beneficial. Secondly, a partner who is interested in our programming which gives back to the community without demanding a return on investment. Carlos, can provide important lessons that directly effect the career trajectories of a plethora of filmmakers and creatives who reside in the Bronx and greater New York area. Our specific ideas were to ask Carlos to appear on the panel for our networking event, which occurred on March 6, 2020 and ask him to teach a one day summer workshop on the best ways to utilize a cyclorama studio for video & photography purposes.”

– Greg Hernandez

Carlos Bido