Video Production Podcast - Episode 1 Host - Carlos Bido
Video Production Podcast Episode 1 guest - Nikki Casseri

Episode 01: Creating Original Content for YouTube

Looking for a how-to guide on how to create your own YouTube Series?

My guest is Nikki Casseri is just about to launch her first project: A children’s youtube series that teaches musical concepts through magic and fun.

Nikki is no stranger to producing content, she’s a professional actor, but this is her first go at wearing the producer’s hat. There was a big learning curve and we talk about everything from how she came up with the concept, assembling a team, and her unique challenges putting all together.

Topics discussed:

  1. Concepting a Show.
  2. Creating your own content as a SAG actor.
  3. Building a team.
  4. Production Challenges.
  5. Post Production Challenges.

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