Showing appreciation is easy with video

Video can be an extremely essential tool in the healthcare world. Many of our clients are already familiar with the benefits of using video for training purposes at hospitals and medical centers. They often turn to us for their healthcare video production needs.

Video is also a fantastic medium for showing appreciation to healthcare workers. This is a great way to peel back the veil to showcase the work and care that healthcare workers deliver under extraordinary conditions every day.

There are two types of footage that we typically create for clients seeking to highlight healthcare workers. The first is a shorter video that can be shared easily on social media. This type of video is typically done in a “montage” style.

The other option is a long-from video that includes more lingering shots and interviews. Here are a few examples of ways we’ve helped clients use video to show appreciation.

How To Use Video To Say Thanks

Here are some examples of ways in which we have helped our clients show appreciation. 

  • Showcase employees’ hard work at community events. We recently created two films for the BronxCare Health System that were shown at a Metropolitan Museum of Art gala in celebration of hospital workers. “The Year of Emergency Medicine” highlighted the work that is done by hospital employees in the emergency room. “The Year of Emotional Wellness” focused on those who devote their work to mental health, depression and substance abuse.

  • Highlight individual employees or departments at company appreciation events. We photographed the BronxCare nursing staff across all units to create a slideshow that was the centerpiece of a hospital luncheon.

Smiling Healthcare Providers in Personal Protective Equipment Photographed in front of Hospital for Newspaper Advert

Gratitude Video Tips

We want to share a few tips for creating an effective video for showing appreciation to hospital workers. Take a look at the three elements we recommend.

Real Footage

Recording real footage of real hospital employees in action is highly recommended over using simulated footage featuring actors. A videographer should be able to capture enough meaningful footage to create a short video in one afternoon. Of course, you may run into the issue that conditions aren’t ideal for shooting footage at the moment. A professional video can still usually be made if this is the case. One option is to ask employees to submit photos or video footage that they’ve collected over the years. The other is to simply use headshots of employees to create a photo slideshow.


Music is a very powerful tool when creating a montage, slideshow or long-form video. It’s all about where and how you place music into a video. Of course, overusing music can cause it to lose its impact.

A Clear Message

What idea or emotion do you want viewers to walk away with once your video is finished? Identify your message! This will make it easier to orient every creative and technical decision toward your desired outcome. As a result, you’ll get a video that really meets your vision.

Do You Need a Video Made to Honor Hospital Workers?

The team at 10×10 Studios is here to help you create a beautiful video recognizing the hard work and sacrifice of hospital workers. We create videos of all lengths and styles and specialize in healthcare video production. We’re also happy to work with you remotely using existing footage that you provide. Reach out today!

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